Solar Energy solutions
for all your
Dairy farming needs

Sustainable energy solutions that
yields a greater ROI on your
dairy farming efforts

Are you tired of

Paying high charges on monthly energy bills?
Resizing milking pumps to save energy costs?
Spending more on energy for your daily farming needs?
Figuring out where all the energy is being used?

Use more and pay less!

Electricity is a major but unavoidable cost for dairy farms. But by going solar, you can slash these costs in half!

Clean renewable energy

Pay less than what you are paying by using clean renewable energy!

No Energy Leak

Avoid unnecessary energy leaks with solar

Authorized retailer

Get a free quote from an authorised retailer anytime you want

Relax for 25 Year

Never worry about electricity charges for the next 25 years!

Why go solar?

Dairy farms today face many challenges and opportunities due to the rapidly rising energy costs and concerns about environmental impacts.

With more and more Australian farmers realizing its impact on business, they are looking for a much smarter and cost effective way of using electricity.

How to get started


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Get results

Go solar and boost your business

How to get started




Generates 108 kWh/day (approx.)*

Can save you up to $11,000/year
Ideal for small-medium size business




Generates 180 kWh/day (approx.)*

Can save you up to $17,000 – $18,000/year
Ideal for medium size




Generates 288 kWh/day (approx.)*

Can save you up to $26,000 – $28,000/year
Ideal for medium-small size business


Why start solar

Start Solar is a solar power system – design and installation – company that specializes in a plethora of solar powered energy solutions. Our mission is to ensure that solar energy becomes an affordable source even for the masses by tightly managing our own costs so that the savings pass on to you – our valued customers.
Superior customer service backs our high quality products and components. We endeavour to reduce customer effort to the minimal and take complete responsibility of the entire process right from product explanation to installation and even beyond. Our aim is to build forge robust and valued relationships with our customers and provide the same level of dedication and customization to all our projects.

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