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Managing the Installation of Solar Systems on Government Buildings

The government of Australia recognizes the importance of using clean and renewable energy and in keeping with this, offers several incentives and rebates to people investing in solar power systems. The first state to introduce a solar feed-in scheme was South Australia. This was done to encourage people to use solar power by installing solar power systems. The result was dramatic – over 160,000 homes and businesses now have solar power systems installed on their premises.

To encourage further the usage of solar power, the government issued a policy (South Australian government) in December 2009 that all government owned buildings must have solar systems installed. In July 2010, this policy covered government buildings that were substantially renovated to all install solar systems. It is stipulated that all such government owned residential buildings must have a minimum of 1.5KW solar systems, while other government buildings must have a minimum 5KW solar system installed.

We at Start Solar are fully equipped to handle any size system and our experts can help to make an informed and smart decision customized to suit the building needs and demands. It is our endeavour to provide you with the best systems and we therefore only use the highest quality components manufactured by Tier 1 and 2 manufacturers.  This ensures that the investment you make in our solar systems will continue to serve you for at least 25 years. The in-depth knowledge and attention to detail of our experts insures the efficiency of the system you decide to install.

Superior customer service backs our high quality products and components. We endeavour to reduce customer effort to the minimal and take complete responsibility of the entire process right from product explanation to installation and even beyond. Our aim is to build forge robust and valued relationships with our customers and provide the same level of dedication and customization to all our projects.

The initiative taken by our government to install solar panels on all the prominent public buildings has our complete support. The encouragement from the government has now made solar panels part of the urban landscape and has inspired more people and businesses to generate their own electricity through solar power.

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