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Customizing Solar Systems for Small Businesses

Companies, especially small businesses, must consistently strive for profitability. Apart from gaining more business, they must also devise and put to use strategies that will help them cut costs, maximize the usage of resources and optimize the operating strategies. In the last few years, the biggest challenge in keeping costs down has been the ever-increasing price of energy / power. This is a very real threat to any small and big business. Fuel prices have shot up by at least 40% wreaking havoc on the bottom-line and profitability of small businesses in particular.

Since the year 2011, the government has encouraged small businesses to install solar power systems to counter the rising prices of energy. A number of small and big businesses have installed solar power systems to produce their own electricity and gain from the incentives and rebates offered by the government. These incentives have encouraged small business owners to install solar power systems despite the investment required. From the year 2012 to 2013, the government has also given solar rebate tax break for all small businesses that have installed the solar systems. Thus, not only does your small business save huge sums on its energy expenses, it also qualifies for hefty government incentive schemes, if you install a solar power system.

Start Solar will work with your business to design the best system such that you are able to not only produce electricity to meet your needs, but also produce excess such that you can sell it back to the government. We also have a number of attractive and competitive finance options available for those who may require them.

Irrespective of which industry your small business is from, solar power systems deliver huge savings to your business. Being a clean and cost efficient energy it reduces the operating costs for your organization, locks in energy costs for many years even if electricity prices increase and enhances your reputation for being an environment friendly organization.

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