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Installation of Solar System Panels
With the cost of energy increasing consistently, solar systems are a great way to save at least 20% on electricity bills. In addition, installing these systems means that your home is using renewable energy, which helps to reduce emissions and pollution, making it safe for the environment.
This system also entitles you to create environmental credits called Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). These STCs are tradable certificates – in exchange for an upfront discount off the cost incurred to install your solar system or as a cash payment. All small-scale technology certificates must be created within 12 months of the system being installed.
Commercial Assessment
It is easy to get one of these systems installed in your home:

1. Connect with our company and our experienced advisors will help you determine whether the system will be appropriate for your home. They will also help to ascertain if you should buy the system or take it on lease.

2. Post ascertaining suitability, our experts will provide a diagram of the system to be installed and a highly customized and competitive price quote.

3. Our team will send the system design to the requisite authorities for approval and once the necessary permits are received, our expert team or certified partners will install the system for your home.

4. Post the installation a city authority will visit your home to inspect the system. We will manage this inspection too, for you.

5. After the go ahead from the city, the local utility company will install the net meter connecting the system to the grid (if you have chosen the on-grid or hybrid system) and the system can then be turned on, ready for use.

You are now on your way to enjoy the benefits of lower costs of electricity combined with our exceptional customer service. In addition, you also get free system insurance, repairs and monitoring.
Please connect with us either through the toll free number or by filling in the short enquiry form and our team will provide a quick revert.
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