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Solar is the way of the future and we’re here to help you get started with start solar hub. We have tips for maintenance, how much you can save using solar, how to apply for rebate and all sorts of other things that will make your solar journey as easy-going as possible!
Solar Homerowner Guide

The Solar Homeowner's Guide

A 5-Day Crash Course to help VIC homeowners harness the sun’s power and cut energy bills
Upgrade to Heat Pump

Upgrade to a Heat Pump and Save Up To $900 Per Year

Upgrade your old gas or electric water heater to a sleek, energy-efficient heat pump installed within the next 3 days.
Upgrade to Black Panel

Free Upgrade To All Black Panels!

Enjoy a beautiful home exterior with our sleek all black panels. They’re not just good-looking; they’re powerful, ensuring your home looks elegant.
How to apply for a solar rebate

How to apply for a solar rebate

Get our FREE PDF guide to know how you can easily apply for Solar Panels (PV) Rebate.
Energy Saving Hacks

Access our 8 energy saving hacks guide and slash your monthly bill by 62%

This FREE guide has helped our clients to save a lot on their MONTHLY ENERGY BILL.
Energy saving tips for Dairy Farm owners!

Energy saving tips for Dairy Farm owners!

This free guide is handy for those who are frustrated with high energy bills.
Grow your business using Solar

Grow your business using Solar

With assured savings through Solar Power plants, you can use it to expand your business
Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Energy solutions for all your Dairy farming needs

Sustainable energy solutions that yields a greater ROI on your dairy farming efforts
Compare Electricity and Gas Bill

Get your electricity and gas compared for free

We are helping Australians to find the right deal
Calculate your savings using Solar

Calculate your savings using Solar

Use this calculator to assess how much electricity you can save and what system size might work best for you.
Solar Savings Calculator

How much wood the Sun save you?

The Solar Saving Calculator helps Australians save money and address global warming pollution through simple habits such as making smarter & greener decisions about their energy use at home and work.
Get an obligation-free quote

Get an obligation-free quote

Receive a personalised quotation within 48 hours.
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