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Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
Installation of 100kW Commercial Solar Power System

Project Background:
This chocolate factory is run by Panny, an innovative chocolatier. The factory is located on 930 Phillip Island Road, Newhaven VIC 3925. The factory draws the attention of at least 250,000 visitors each year. Making such large quantities of chocolate requires a huge investment of resources. The power consumption is also high and hence this loved chocolate factory has decided to install a commercial Solar Power System and additionally reduce the carbon footprint by using an environment friendly energy resource.

System Details:
100kW solar power system

Why Start Solar?
Start Solar is 100% Australian owned and has years of experience in developing solar solutions, project management, innovation, finance options and helping the development of the local industries. We have the capability to manage any kind of system and installation and lead all our projects to fruition through the highest standards of performance and service quality.

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