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The rising cost of electricity is the main reason to invest in solar power systems. This affords homeowners the ability to control the ‘size’ of the electricity bills. The Government is supporting this initiative by introducing financial incentives and feed-in tariffs.

The Government introduced in the latter part of 2009 the Solar Credits Scheme as incentive to invest in renewable energy. These schemes pay eligible households for any excess electricity that maybe generated by the solar power systems installed in their home. The State and Territory governments across the country have varying methodologies known by names such as Solar Feed-In Tariffs or Solar Bonus Scheme or the Solar buy-back scheme. These FiTs are payment for the environment friendly energy that your household generates back to the grid through the solar panels.

There have been a number of changes to these FiTs all across the country over the years. Please contact our experts to know the current financial incentives and rebates being offered. However, currently for every one mWh of electricity produced in the coming 12 years, by the solar system installed in your home, you would be entitled to one Small Technology Certificate (STC).

We are sure that you would like to know regarding the latest State or Government solar rebates, please do give us a call or use our contact form today! You can also check out

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