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Solar for your business
Electricity prices are rising and pose a significant obstacle for any business. Installing a Start Solar power system presents the solution by reducing the expenditure on electricity dramatically allowing your company to save money for other business imperatives. Since solar energy is a renewable and environment friendly source of energy, it makes good business sense to include it as part of your company’s sustainability endeavour. It is clear that there are many benefits of solar for companies and our experts can help you to choose the best system for your business.
Monocrystalline vs Multicrystalline Solar Panels
  • Best for cloudy weather e.g., Melbourne, Tasmania, etc.
  • Up to 7% greater low light absorption
  • Advance 3 Bus Bar Technology – produces 5% greater electricity yield
  • 3/6 Diodes Parallel Arranged
  • More potent cells
  • Best for sunny weather e.g., Queensland, etc
  • More cost efficient
  • No Bus Bar to balance power, Low Cell efficiency
  • Best suited for Sunny weather e.g., Queensland, Perth etc.
  • 3 Diode Parallel Arranged
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What are the considerations before purchasing a solar power system?

It is important to know the direction of the home’s roof. It should get sunlight between 9am and 3pm. In addition, the space on the roof should be at least 15x15m for a minimum 1.5kW system and the roof should be strong enough to support the solar panel system.

Does installing this system increase my home’s value and how?

Yes, the value of your home increases by reducing the yearly running costs and installing the solar panel adds a capital asset to your property. In a few years, it is possible to recover the made on this system can be recovered and can fetch a higher price for a home if it is sold.

How does installing solar systems save money for me?

This system saves you money on electricity bills and increases the overall value of your home. The government has several grants, incentives set aside for renewable energy, and if you qualify for any of these Australian Government’s subsidies, you could save thousands of dollars on any of the solar systems.

How long does the installation of this system take?

Upon signing the contract and agreeing on a method of payment, we will complete the paperwork, ensuring that your grid connection gets approval. Post the formalities, the installation of the system commences and normally does not take more than a day – depending on the system and location of your property. After the installation, a representative from the utility company will check the installed system and approve its activation and interaction with the grid. Overall duration should nevertheless be mentioned.
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