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What is a Solar PPA?

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) is a financial arrangement in which the homeowner does not own, operate or maintain the solar power system, but all these are taken care of by a third party. The establishment only provides the space on the roof or anywhere else on the property, for the installation of the photovoltaic (PV) system and buys the electricity from the third party for a particularly specified time. This a win-win situation for both the organization and the third party provider – the organization receives a steady flow of electricity, often at lower cost and the service provider receives the government credits and the income generated from selling electricity to the user.

A solar PPA frees the end user from the traditional barriers to buying the PV system. These barriers include the cost of purchase and installation, system low performance due to any reason whatsoever and other barriers. The user would receive a steady flow of electricity at a lowered cost without any of the maintenance hassles.

For organizations, the solar PPA translates to maximum returns with no forthright cost and negligible risk. It is a means to gaining a great solution to the power problems without investments and financial burden of installing and maintaining the PV system. In addition, the user is also able to predict safely and accurately energy costs thus able to manage their budget with more ease and precision. The Solar PPA is customized to suit the needs of the user, making it an even more attractive proposition.

How does Start Solar PPA work?

We would own and operate the technology associated with the PV system, which would include the monetary portion, the design and installation. The user would need to agree on a time-period for when this system would be installed on their premises and would buy the generated electricity from Start Solar, at a rate that would be pre-agreed. The user would gain all the benefits mentioned but most importantly would get electricity at a fixed price, which would safeguard them from any price volatility in the future.

Benefits of a PPA

  No upfront and recurring costs required for installation, servicing and maintenance of the system. The user saves these amounts, which can be used for other purposes and still get uninterrupted and lower cost electricity from the ‘start’.
  The entire PV system is maintained and serviced by Start Solar for the duration of the PPA. The user has no cost or hassles associated with these factors.
  Despite any rate fluctuations (the trend has been going upwards), the user pays a pre-agreed fixed rate to us saving them from any unforeseen rise in electricity costs. The user pays only for electricity consumed by their establishment and not for any excess generated by the system.
  Being seen as a ‘green’ / environment friendly establishment attracts the right kind of attention with more investors, customers, employees and other stakeholders willing to be associated with your company. This would in turn enhance profits and market reputation for your company.
  In addition, the installation of the PV system has no impact on the business operations but instead increases the value of the building.

We at Solar Start wish to transfer the control and ‘power’ to your company by providing the best solar power systems and duly customized PPA. These would be supported by excellence in customer service and in-depth knowledge of our experts.

Please give us a call on the number provided or fill in the enquiry form and you will receive a quick reply from a company representative.

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